Friday, September 3, 2010

Fall is on its way

Well first off I cant believe how fast this summer went. I feel like I blinked and it was over lol Probably doesn't help that we didnt really get much of a summer in Calgary.

Over the past two months I was a pretty busy girl as usual. Spent the month of July in Kelowna and Vancouver Island..shooting some amazing locations and even more amazing models. At one of my shoots in Kelowna with the lovely Maddi, I even managed to get electrocuted lol....While she was posing with her horse..I went to get a better shot..and leaned up against the electrical fence ...BAD idea!! haha The shoot turned out great in the end was inspired by a 1913 Kodak camera that I had baught in an antique store on Vancouver Island.
July in BC was great...managed to get a nice tan and enjoy some days by my aunty's pool.

August kept me busy with weddings. I shot two weddings in Calgary and made a quick trip to Saskatoon to attend one of my best friend's wedding. A lovely model by the name of Kelsee was kind enough to have me spend a few days with her and her newborn son-a truly lovely person she is. I also enjoyed working with members of the Forzani family...I was in shock when they allowed me to go into their art gallery and choose any original painting that I wanted :-) I cant wait to get it home!! Sandi Forzani is an outstanding artist!
On the last day of August I managed to photograph Edmonton's identical twin brothers Fola and Fela...made for an interesting shoot for sure :-)

My plans for the fall are to focus on some more creatives..I've been really insipired by the European magazines lately and want to create some semi nude high fashion shots soon. I think I may head back down to NYC next month and in November I will be in Las Vegas :-D

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