Friday, April 15, 2011


Pure In Plastic!! That's all I am going to say lol If you remember, back in the fall I shot NRT's last look book for Vancouver Fashion Week. It centrered around frills and fencing masks-THIS one is TOTALLY different! Think Lady Gaga meets Marlyn Manson!
Two weeks ago I have the absolute pleasure of sponsoring NRT's launch party, hosted by World Fashion TV. It turned out to be an amazing event! A few days later we shot her entire look book! Between the outstanding wig designs/wig shirts (created by Jami Symons) and NRT's INSANE new outfits, this shoot was CRAZY lol Vanessa Marie came in to model for us; and after I did her make-up she rocked each wig with a different persoanlity!
I also decided to finally give my new HD video cam a try by filming about 30 seconds of each look. I managed to put together a half decient fashion video. For my first try, it's not that bad ;-) And NRT has decided to debut it in Toronto next week. While her girls walk the runway for F.A.T. (Toronto Alternative Fashion Week), my video will be played on a large screen at the end of the catwalk! Check the video at the end of this post! I am also including a few shots from the event plus some shots from the posters we did for the event (above) :-D
Everyone remember the name NRT..because with this girls edgy styles, she will be well known very SOON!

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  1. Girl you are so amazing. Can't wait to work with you one of these days. One day sooner than later too! :)