Friday, March 4, 2011


Last month I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Mode signed model Rena Donaldson. Back in the fall I had my first experience with Rena while shooting the look book for N.R.T Fashion for Vancouver Fashion Week. We had shot that shoot in the attic of Eleven Eleven Boutique, so it was only fitting to revisit Eleven Eleven for the second shoot with Rena..this time we explored the basement! I wanted the shoot to take on a hot, sweaty look to it..but alas I hadnt brought any baby oil lol Instead I flicked water all over Rena to give it a 'wet' look. I did the hair, make-up and styling for this look as well.
Eleven Eleven's basement is dark, dingy, old, and sooo much fun to shoot in! In one of the rooms they create outstanding pantings and in the other they have a designer dying and putting together lovely leather bracelets! This gave for a dirty, fun background. Oh and the huge industrial fan they had for drying paint came in handy for some awesome wind blown hair!
Rena is sooo much fun to work with and I cant wait to do another creative with this GORGEOUS young model!

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