Monday, July 11, 2011

Catch-up time!

Oh my I have been a busy girl!! Well in the past few weeks I have been shooting in Harlem, hanging with amazing designers in Manhattan, shooting models on desert mountains in British Columbia, shooting massive wranglers campaigns. I am just so happy with how this year is turning out so far. I am grateful for everyday! Please enjoy all the shots!! xoxo

After my trip to NYC I had the amazing chance to bring back a bunch of glasses from sister designers Mercura. Before heading out to BC, I quickly shot some of my fav models with these one of a kind pieces of art!! Mercura are designers from White Rock who now reside in Manhattan. They hand make outstanding sun glass designs for the elite. Everyone from Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Elton John and Trya Banks have worn these pieces! They have also been featured in all the Vogues, Fashion Magazine and Glamours. I am so grateful to have created a lovely friendship with these talented ladies!! xoxoxo (The glasses with the long chain are now in my personal collection ;-)

After YEARS of talking, the lovely Tiffany Bank and I finally had the chance to meet and shoot! This GORGEOUS plus sized model is going places! I am so grateful to be able to call her a great friend and cant wait to see how she changes the face of fashion xoxo We had the chance to shoot in Harlem with a few pairs of Mercura sunglasses that I got straight from the designers earlier in the day. After our shoot, Tiffany took me for dinner to a Food Network chef's soul food spot. Not only was the food amazing, but we ended up sharing a table with the Director of Elle Magazine Germany!

Finally shot with long time friend Crys during my trip to NYC. We shot in the South Bronx..even ran into a bodaga (store) for a few fun shots hehe I love this girl's legs!! They just keep GOING! xoxoxo

I had the opportunity to work with Wranglers Jeans for a big Stampede campaign, 'Rock Your Wranglers' It was a fun experience. I shot and designed all three ads. They are currently on 50 buses throughout Calgary for the month of July :-D

I Model Management is one of my fav local agencies. They have a great roster, including the lovely Hayley! I shot her before heading off to NYC in my yard. I was pretty happy with the results :-D

Introducing Renegade Gypsy...a new line available at a cute boutique in Fashion Central (Calgary) A good friend of mine, Jennifer Vickery is the master mind behind this line. I shot the spring/summer look book back in April. Definitely check them out xoxo

Shot with the brilliant Venessa again over the past couple of months. I love this girl..Between her long legs, push to please the photographer and her daring attitude..she is one of my fav local girls!!

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